Yakabod Insider Threat Case Manager

Get a walkthrough of the Yakabod Insider Threat Case Manager and discuss topics like:

  • How to ensure case confidentiality
  • Risks when managing sensitive case data
  • Compliance considerations from NTTF and NIST
  • The advantages of a case management system
  • Controls that guarantee accountability

Event Details

Date: March 16th, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM ET 


Andy Lewis

Vice President


What is Yakabod?

Yakabod is case management software for security-driven companies.

Our platform is designed with a security-first architecture to support teams that manage highly sensitive investigations, incidents, and cases.

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Insider Threat Case Manager

Yakabod Insider Threat Case Manager is a single, central repository for evidence, artifacts, and documentation.

In-app messaging + systematic workflows help you collaborate with your team to manage more cases with greater confidence.


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